Monday, January 16, 2012

My Little Bugaboo

My little Bugaboo was not feeling so hot this weekend. Poor thing.  We have already been through 2 boxes of tissues. And his cough is just HORRIBLE! During the day he barely coughs but by evening and bedtime he doesn't stop coughing. I wish I could just take away his cold or give it to myself!! I'll take it. I would do anything for my little man to feel better. One thing about Weston is he is such a happy little boy. Even though he feels like total crud, he is still smiling and getting into everything!
Hoping that my little one feels better this week. A few things on my to do list:
- Edit photos
- 3 photo sessions (2- newborn and 1- 3month portrait session)
-Clean out the upstairs bath before demolition day!!
- Make Weston's curtain tiebacks (I want to take scrap fabrics from his wall art and sew them together)
- Order prints (thinking about decoupaging 4 square canvases with pics of Weston to make some more colorful wall art for his bedroom)
- Do something about our only closet on the mail floor (make it functional... we have NO storage in this house)
- De-clutter the kitchen (we have tons of stuff (bowls, pots, grill, dishes) on top of the fridge that needs to go. I have no clue where to put this stuff?!?! Maybe the closet?
I am sure there are some things missing on this list! If I complete even a few of these tasks I will be happy! :)


  1. I can relate about not having storage. Much as I love my older home, that part drives me nuts!

    1. I know!! I am CONSTANTLY decluttering... which I guess is a good thing. Weston's toys drives me nuts! Guess I need to get used to that. Will have toys for years to come! :)

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  3. Whoops hit the wrong button and it deleted my comment. What it said was "here is an organization blog I love. Has lots of ideas and free printables."

    Hope it helps with closet ideas!

    1. Thanks!!! I actually checked out her site from your blog the other day! Awesome.