Monday, October 31, 2011

Come and Find Me!

A new game we like to play around here is hide and seek! I will be the one who hides and Weston seeks. I usually sit him down and then say "come and find me" in a high, squeaky voice as I run away! It is so much easier playing with a 10 month old! Some fun spots are on the family room floor with a blanket over me, on the side of the couch, or behind the stools. It us so cute watching him try to find me. He actually looks under things and moves stuff out of the way! And sometimes he gets distracted...

Happy Halloween


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Felt Board Fun!

Just had to show off how creative my mama is!!! She made adorable Halloween and Barney felt board pieces for my nephews!! And they are so colorful and glittery! LOVE them! How cute!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weston's Club

A few weeks ago Chad and I had to buy Weston a new car seat. He was outgrowing his carrier and it was getting to the point that I was struggling to buckle him up. We ended up buying the Safety First convertible car seat. It can sit either rear or forward facing and later it will turn into a booster seat for when he gets older. So hopefully it will last a while! At first we were thinking that we should have just started with this car seat (since it is for 5-100 lbs), but the carrier was really nice when he was an infant. We decided to keep the box in the house for a while so Weston can play with it. Well he LOVED it. After a few days of playing with the plain box, I decided to tie my fabric and ribbon scraps to it and write “Weston’s Club on the door. It was a big hit!!

Chicken Tortilla Soup & Quiche

Today I made the yummiest soup!! Chad LOVED it! Click to see the recipe :) YUM! - Chicken Tortilla Soup

I also made 2 Ham, Broccoli, and Cheese Quiches. We are having one of them for dinner tomorrow and the other one is going into the freezer for another night when I am too busy to cook!  Love freezer meals. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

10 months

Weston is 10 months old! He is growing and learning so much everyday. 

 Weston at 10 months:
-          - Waves to everyone and everything!
-          - Can sign “all done”
-          - Loves looking and pointing to photos
-          - Favorite book- The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (he loves when the     caterpillar chews through the food… mommy makes funny noises)
-          - Favorite Song- N-O-R-M-A (sung to the tune of Bingo)
-          - Loves to take wagon rides
-          - Dances (shakes his tush) when playing the piano
-          - Favorite Toy- clubhouse out of box
-          - LOVES tractor rides with Daddy
-          - Knows action words: hit, shake, kiss, dance, wave
-          - Tries to say words (cat- “ca”)
-          - Kisses with his mouth wide open
-          - Has been practicing tossing his bean bags


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zoo Fun!

It has been almost 10 days since I posted! Time is FLYING by. The photography business is at its busiest time right now. Everyone wants pictures for holiday cards. I am now learning to say no and that I am booked! I decided not to do many shoots in December because of Weston's birthday and Christmas. The week of his birthday party I am only doing one session and then after that 2 a week. Now until the week of Thanksgiving I have 4-5 sessions a week! I am having lots of fun and we really can use the money, but I am so busy. Some days I even forget to eat  breakfast and lunch! That is not like me at all! I love food!!!! This winter I will make up for all of my missed meals. :)

This week my Dad has off of work and he had planned to take all of the grandkids to the zoo. Today was the day and the weather did not really cooperate. It rained the WHOLE time! Other than the wet weather, we had a blast! I think the elephants were Weston's favorite animal (he smiled a lot at them so that is why I think that). My favorite were the chimps. I love monkeys. I could have stood there watching them all day long. At one point one of the chimpanzees came right up to the windows and stared at us for a few minutes. It was so cute. And sad in a way too since they are stuck here at the zoo instead of the wild. Thanks Pop Pop for a fun day at the zoo! Weston and I had so much fun!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's getting chilly!!!

This weekend we had to break out the hats and jackets!! It is getting chilly out and I am loving it! Fall is my favorite time of year.

 Chad took Weston for a wagon ride. Look at his face... ha ha ha... his nose is so runny!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Phone pics

I have been taking so many pictures with my iphone. Time to share a few!
 Weston's first time at the Bouncy Place. He has no fear. He loved it and tried to keep up with his 1 year old cousin! :)
 Crawled under the high chair and could not quite figure out how to get out! ;)
 First time on the airplane!! He did such a great job. We had a blast in Atlanta!
Working on holding the bottle all on his own. This lasts about 10 seconds!
Meeting Sam's puppies for the first time. They are sooooo cute and tiny! 
Eating celery... I am trying to get him to eat more finger foods. Most of it ends up on the floor.
Helping Mommy in the kitchen! 
It's getting cold outside! Brrrr
We bought Weston a new car seat. He is having so much fun playing in the box it came in. :) By the way... Go Ravens! The Jersey looks so cute on him!

Pumpkin Spice Playdough

I made this yummy smelling Pumpkin Spice Play dough (found on the blog The Idea Room) for Toby and Jayden last week. I hope Jay doesn't decide to eat it. It smells oh sooooo good! And it was super easy!