Monday, October 3, 2011

Phone pics

I have been taking so many pictures with my iphone. Time to share a few!
 Weston's first time at the Bouncy Place. He has no fear. He loved it and tried to keep up with his 1 year old cousin! :)
 Crawled under the high chair and could not quite figure out how to get out! ;)
 First time on the airplane!! He did such a great job. We had a blast in Atlanta!
Working on holding the bottle all on his own. This lasts about 10 seconds!
Meeting Sam's puppies for the first time. They are sooooo cute and tiny! 
Eating celery... I am trying to get him to eat more finger foods. Most of it ends up on the floor.
Helping Mommy in the kitchen! 
It's getting cold outside! Brrrr
We bought Weston a new car seat. He is having so much fun playing in the box it came in. :) By the way... Go Ravens! The Jersey looks so cute on him!

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