Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun at the Pond

Chad and I took Weston to feed the ducks at the pond down the street. Weston had lots of fun watching all of the geese and duckies! Chad kept trying to have him throw the bread pieces into the water… not sure if W got the concept that the ducks were eating it?? He was soooo happy to play outside on such a beautiful day!

Chicken Pot Pie

Mmmmm.... I made chicken pot pie the other day. Check out this recipe. Super easy and rated 5 stars! Hoping to find some time to make and freeze a bunch so then later it will save lots of time!!! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

9 months

Weston is 9 months old.... already!!!! My little boy is growing so fast. 
Weston at 9 months:
- Weighs 19 pounds (45th percentile) 
- 28 inches long (50th percentile)
- 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
- 2 naps a day (morning- 2 hours, afternoon 1 hour... sometimes more, sometimes less)
-Bedtime 7 or 8pm
- Favorite Song N-O-R-M-A (tune of B-I-N-G-O)
- Favorite Book- My Giant Book of Snappy Farm (big pop up book)
- Favorite toy- cars and Dino
- Loves to watch Barney (I bribe him with Barney so he will eat his cereal in the morning)
- Still likes to complain when we try to feed him his baby food
- Eating lots more finger foods (puffs, bananas, bread pieces with pb, cooked egg yolks, peas, etc.)
- Dances when he plays  his piano... shakes his tush! So cute!
- Knows what we mean when we say: Mommy, Daddy, car or beep beeps, dogs, kitty cat, no,  bottle or milk, shake, kisses, all done (I am sure there is a lot more!)
- Loves to play with his cousins!
- Crawls all over the place. Pulls himself up on everything.
- Can climb the stairs (when Daddy watches him)
- Walks with his Dino walker
- Just started waving bye bye and hello!
- Points to everything

Friday, September 16, 2011

House- Kitchen and Play Room

Okay. So I have yet to post pictures of some of the rooms in the house. None of the rooms are all the way finished just yet, but here are a few rooms that are getting close to it!

The kitchen:

We are hoping to get a new stove to match the rest of the appliances. (But it is not something we NEED right now so we can wait.) The set up of the kitchen is pretty odd. Not a fan of the stove right next to the fridge. Looking now I would like to get new stools too. Maybe with backs?? Painted the color of the doors (soon to be burgundy) would look good!!
 I love my Coca Cola crates!! Now I just need to remember to water the plants!!
 The kitchen doors still need to be painted a dark burgundy (like the color of the curtains). And the trim needs to be sanded and repainted- totally chipping. OLD house!! The black table is our mail table. Now our mail is not scattered all over the countertop. I really want to get a nice wooden play kitchen for Weston and put is under the white cabinet (electrical box... ugh). I love the ones on Pottery Barn, but they are pretty darn expensive. I will keep looking at TJ Maxx and Marshalls... my mom found an awesome one!!

Weston's playroom:
Not sure what I want to do with the one wall?? Thinking about ordering a big painting on Etsy.
I love how the heaters are magnetic!! Weston's magnetic farm is on there now. Soon letters and numbers will be there too! :) Don't worry they do not get that hot when the heat is on either. The doors to the family room stay closed most of the time. Chad and I spend our nights in there watching tv and resting on the couch once Weston goes to sleep. We still need to get a baby gate (attached to the wall) for the top and bottom of the steps. I am thinking we need to do it soon because W is already climbing the stairs. Lil Stinker.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It is so nice when Weston plays on his own. This is the time when I should be trying to get things done around the house, but I usually end up watching him from the sidelines. I love just watching how he plays.... how he learns. At the bookshelf, he will take the blocks from the bottom shelf basket and place them on the top shelf. While he plays his piano, he shakes his tush like he is dancing!! He loves driving his cars all around the house. When they flip over he will toss and toss it again until it lands on the right side. This could take a while! I can just watch him play all day long. 
Look what happened to his car yesterday...

And another video.... Weston loves his microphone!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy BUSY!

 Oh my! The photog biz is getting crazy out of control! I am struggling to keep up with the emails, editing photos, packaging and sending out the CDs, ...!!!!! During Weston's morning naps, my kitchen table becomes my "office". I try to multitask the whole time... burning pictures while unloading the dishwasher, edit and email, ...
I am so surprised that it took off! I am booked until the end of November!!! Thank goodness because Christmas is coming soon and I need to start shopping! I am thinking all online shopping this year! Or homemade... which may be kind of hard to do?? The TO DO list is growing each day, but boy it feels great to cross of those accomplishments!!!!!
Looks like I still need to clean the door! ha ha...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun in the Yard!!

We LOVE that we have a yard again!
Weston gets SO excited when Chad cuts the lawn every weekend. He screams and laughs trying to get his Daddy's attention! It is so stinkin cute. He loves to ride on the tractor with his Daddy. How special! :)

W took a ride in the wagon the other day. I think he would have let me pull him all day long. The dogs love the yard too. This weekend, Chad blew up his little baby pool. Weston swam in the pool while Pepper and Norma watched. They are always right by his side!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Walking with Dino!!

Weston has been walking all over the house with his Dino!! This weekend he has been doing such a great job with it!! Now Chad is trying to show him how to steer so he does not run into the walls and get stuck. That may take a while to master. It is so funny watching this tiny little boy walk around... I just want to give his little tush a squeeze!!! Super cute! And he is so proud of himself too!