Monday, September 10, 2012

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

It's been 3 weeks since I last posted and so many fun things have happened since then!
We were so excited to ride on the airplane! Weston painted an airplane and then glued clouds all around it. 
Weston did a wonderful job on the plane. He had a special milk box on the way there to make his ears pop. He would complain here and there that his ears hurt, but then we would remind him to sip on his drink. All went well!
Weston's favorite part of Disney World was meeting Mickey and Minnie!
 He also loved the pool at our resort. 
Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Chris and Steph!! What a fun trip. 
After our Disney trip we met up with our Charlottesville family and celebrated two of the gals who are both expecting baby boys! Yay for more babies!!!

Some other fun happenings:
Chad bought a Peg Perego Gator on Craigslist a few weeks ago. Our plan was for him to fix it up and give it to Weston for his birthday. Well stinkpot found it sitting in the garage and just HAD to take it for a test run...
We also are expecting baby #2!! We are so excited and cannot wait to meet HER!! Yes, we are having a baby girl!!!!!
Weston and baby girl will be sharing rooms so now I am in the process of planning their bedroom. Somehow I want it all to flow and not look choppy. I will post some of my ideas soon. :) I think the color scheme will be grey and yellow. We will see?
On a very sad note, Pepper passed away a few weeks ago. She was losing weight so I made an appointment for her to see the vet. Unfortunately we found out she had cancer and there was nothing we could do. It's been pretty hard not having her around. Norma seems lost without her. Poor thing. 
Miss my first pup. :(
Today was the first day back to school for the kiddos around here which means Weston and I will be starting mommy school again!!! :) 

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Countdown begins...

In about one week we are headed to Orlando Florida. We will be going to Disney World Tuesday-Thursday and then we will be reunited with our Charlottesville family to celebrate the mom's-to-be!! Chad, Weston, and I are so excited! Today we went to the library and picked out some airplane books since we will be flying to Orlando. 
We came home and read the books before nap and then again before bedtime tonight. He loves them both. 
This evening I had a dress fitting for my cousin's wedding. The dress will not zipper at all. Not even close. So the seamstress will be taking apart the whole dress and will wait to put it together 2 weeks before the wedding. Ahhhhhhh! Just a tiny bit stressed out about that. 
Then my little man and I decided to go to the pet store. We met lots of kitties and dogs, but Weston liked the rats the most! ;)
Phone Dump:
Most of the pictures are from my cousin's bachelorette weekend in OC. We had a blast!

Monday, July 30, 2012

W's New Tractor

Like I said before, Weston is obsessed with tractors. I posted on one of the mom-swap pages on Facebook that I was in search of a Peg Perego John Deere Tractor or Gator. Within no time I had someone who replied! Chad and I picked up the tractor last Monday night. It was smaller than what we had hoped for, but definitely the perfect size for Weston right now. We let Weston test it out before we bought it and he was in LOVE! We paid for the tractor and loaded it into the car while Weston screamed and cried. All he wanted was to ride his tractor. We left as quickly as we could and went to a nearby school parking lot so he could ride his new tractor!
That lasted about 3 minutes and then the battery died.  I charged it overnight and the next day it lasted about 2 minutes. So Chad ordered a new battery that day. Once the new battery arrived, it worked great except he kept getting stuck in the grass. So yesterday Chad and Weston headed for Dicks Sporting Goods to buy a BMX bike tire. He riveted the bike tire to the tractor's tire and now it works perfectly without getting stuck every two seconds.
Look at my little farmer...
He's so serious when he is working in the fields! ;)
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

My little stink-pot LOVES to help me around the house. When I pull out the vacuum, he runs to his little vacuum and works right beside me. He'll suck up all the crumbs under his high chair with the dust buster a few times a week. Whenever I am cooking or baking in the kitchen I hear his little feet running to come join me. He's my little helper. 
Last week we made cupcakes for his great-grandfather's 89th birthday. Once I piped all the icing on each cupcake, I sent him to the kitchen table with the fifty million sprinkle shakers and told him to have fun decorating them. And boy he did! 
We had a lot to clean up after this!
Another fun task he likes to do in the kitchen is playing in the sink. I'll bring the kitchen chair to counter-top and will add another book to it so he can reach. Soon he'll hit that growth spurt! ;) He pours the water back and forth into each colorful cup or container. So much fun!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weston's Artwork

Lately I have been trying to organize my tiny little house. It seems like we are busting at the seams, but I know we can make this house work for a few more years. Weston's beautiful paintings, sticker collages, and drawings are in a big pile on the bookshelf. I would feel like a horrible mama just throwing them away. So after spending about an hour cleaning out our breakfast nook desk, I scanned all of Weston's artwork and made a file on my computer. At the end of the year I will be making it into a little coffee table book! There are always sales and promo codes for free 8x8 photo books so I am sure I will be able to find a deal. I am so excited! Now all of his papers are sitting in the trash can (except a few that I just could not part with). 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tractors! Tractors! Tractors!

My son is obsessed with TRACTORS! He loves to ride on them, watch them work in the fields, and play with all of his tiny little tractors at home too. This past weekend we went to the tractor parade in Fawn Grove, PA. It was definitely a down home country feel and we were loving every minute of it! Chad used to go to this parade when he was a boy and he loved when the drivers would throw candy to the crowd. And again, that was his favorite part this year! ;) Thank goodness the rain stopped for the parade.
After the parade, we headed to the Mason Dixon fair. Chad's cousin was showing her calf, Clover. Unfortunately we missed the show, but we were able to snuggle a bit with her. :)
Weston had a really good time chatting with the sheep. They liked him too.
We also met a funny clown who blew up balloon and made it into a puppy dog for Weston! Then Chad took Weston on the train ride! He had a meltdown when it was time to get off the ride.
What a fun day!