Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

My little stink-pot LOVES to help me around the house. When I pull out the vacuum, he runs to his little vacuum and works right beside me. He'll suck up all the crumbs under his high chair with the dust buster a few times a week. Whenever I am cooking or baking in the kitchen I hear his little feet running to come join me. He's my little helper. 
Last week we made cupcakes for his great-grandfather's 89th birthday. Once I piped all the icing on each cupcake, I sent him to the kitchen table with the fifty million sprinkle shakers and told him to have fun decorating them. And boy he did! 
We had a lot to clean up after this!
Another fun task he likes to do in the kitchen is playing in the sink. I'll bring the kitchen chair to counter-top and will add another book to it so he can reach. Soon he'll hit that growth spurt! ;) He pours the water back and forth into each colorful cup or container. So much fun!

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