Friday, March 30, 2012

Carrying 2 Balls at Once! :)

This morning as I was checking out the latest pins on Pinterest, I heard Weston grunting and yelling "no, no, no". Finally I walked around the corner to see this...
I seriously could watch this video 1,000 times or more and still laugh! He was just so frustrated that he could not hold both of the balls at once!

Yummy Yummy Milkshakes!

Weston and I have been ADDICTED to peanut butter frozen yogurt milkshakes lately! Almost everyday after his nap (I cannot believe I am admitting to this) we make a milkshake: a few scoops of vanilla bean frozen yogurt, fat free milk, and a spoonful of peanut butter. He helps me mix it in the jar and then we share the milkshake until there is nothing left! I decided to snap a few pics of him enjoying it. "Yummy! Yummy!" 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Farm, Grandfather Kisses, Sprinkles, & Sprouting :)

This week, we stopped by JR and Mumsy's farm. Weston loved saying "hi" to all of the cows and chickens, riding the BIG tractor, and spending time with his grandparents!! :)
 Yesterday, Weston's great grandparents stopped by for a visit too! It was so sweet to see Weston kiss his Grand-dad George. He kept pointing to him and saying "George"!  :)
Later in the evening, Weston got into the cupcake sprinkle box. They keep him busy... shake, stack, pretend to eat, sort...
Oh and my basil seeds are sprouting!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mom's Car Box

A few weeks ago, Weston and I had the whole day planned outside of the house: Fundamentals, shop a bit, meet Mom at the bagel shop for lunch, and then have a playdate at the park. When I leave the house I usually double check the diaper bag for extra diapers, wipes, food, sippy cup, etc. Well this time I forgot to do that! Of course I had only two diapers left and Weston decided to poop three separate times! After changing him into his last diaper, I started to panic because I did not have any more diapers left and I had a good three more hours before we were to return home. And then… what’s that smell? Weston! He pooped for the third time and this time I did not have a diaper to put him in! Just wonderful. I searched the store I was in for a mother with a child who was around Weston’s size! I found one! I asked her kindly if I could borrow… no HAVE a diaper. She ran out to her car as I watched her two little kids. As she came back into the store she said “We mother’s need to stick together”. So true. Thank you to that mom for saving the day! Later at the park, I also realized I forgot sunblock. And again thanks to the other mom for sharing her kid’s sunblock with me!

A few days ago I saw a Car Emergency Box on Pinterest and decided this is what I NEEDED to do so I did not have another “diaperless” outing. I bought a container at Wal-Mart for $5 and filled it with things I may need:
-          Diapers
-          Wipes
-          Extra outfit
-          Sunblock
-          $5 bill
-          Ibuprofen
-          Sippy cup
-          Fruit snacks and crackers
-          Tissues
-          Hand sanitizer
-          Bags for poopy diapers
-          Hair clip
-          Band aids

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Felt Fries

Today I spent the day with my grandmother. Chad was away in Florida for the weekend so I made sure I kept myself pretty busy! Thank goodness we had no trips to the emergency room this time. After shopping a bit, we stopped by McDonalds for a quick bite to eat. While my grandmother waited in line to order, Weston at some cantaloupe which he finally figured out he loves it. She bought Weston a chicken nugget happy meal and of course he LOVED the fries. As we were cleaning up the trash and getting ready to leave I thought it would be a good idea to save the cute little fry pouches for Weston's kitchen set. After Weston's 25 minute nap ... yep for the past TWO days he has only slept 25 minutes for each nap which totals not even an hour nap the whole weekend now that we are doing only one nap a day. Ahhhhhhhh. Oh so anyway after his nap, we played with his kitchen set. It is so funny to watch him "pour" his ingredients into the pot and stir it. He really knows what he is doing. I guess he does watch Mommy in the kitchen! While he was busy "cooking", I decided to make felt fries for the little pouches I brought home. All I needed was a half a sheet of yellow felt, yellow DMC, and straws. I thought straws would be an easy material to use to stuff the fries instead of using the polyfil stuffing. Here is how I made them:
1. Cut the felt in strips
2. Fold the felt strips in half
3. Cut the straw to the size needed to fill fry. Place in fry. 
4. Blanket stitch fry closed. 
Tonight I gave the fries to Weston. He liked pouring the fries onto the floor and then putting them back in the pouch. I am trying to teach him how to pretend to eat the food instead of really biting it. He had a few felt hairs in his mouth after playing with the fries! ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cozy Coupe

I love Craiglist! The past few weeks, I have been checking Craigslist for some fun outside toys for Weston. Now that the weather is nice, we are outside all the time! A few days ago when we visited my mom and nephews, Weston test drove her Little Tikes Patrol Car. He LOVED it! I knew I needed to find the Cozy Coupe for him! I was so excited to see a posting on Craigslist for a Cozy Coupe ($52.88 at WalMart) and a Radio Flyer Inchworm Ride ($49 at WalMart) being sold together for $30. I was the first to contact the lady and picked it up today!!!!
Weston woke up from his nap VERY grumpy so the car was a lifesaver!! I will be saving the Inchworm Ride for an Easter present. 

Dino is one of Weston's FAVORITE toys to play with outside. It was so funny to see how Weston could not decide which toy to play with. The car or Dino?? He would go to the car, then walk over to Dino, then back to the car... his head would just keep looking at both toys at each end of the barn. It was hilarious!
Going back inside is never fun. Meltdowns are normal for Weston when we come in from outside play.

While Weston was playing with his new car and other toys, I began planting vegetable seeds for my vegetable/fruit garden this summer. I really have no clue what I am doing when it comes to gardening, but it is worth a try since we are always outside playing. I started the seeds in cut pieces of TP rolls. Thanks Brittany from Simply Adapting for sharing this tip! I am picking up a whole bunch of tps rolls tomorrow at the elementary school where I used to work. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springtime babies on the way...

This past weekend I photographed 3 moms-to-be!! And this weekend I have another family session waiting for baby #3! I LOVE LOVE LOVE maternity sessions!! Here are a few pictures that I took over the weekend. 
In addition to the 3 maternity sessions, I also had 2 one year birthday sessions! Needless to say I have TONS of pictures to go through and edit. But today W's naptime is time for ME! Tonight I will edit my heart out. :)
I need to finish my 2011 scrapbook before Snapfish's birthday in April! Last year I ordered my 2010 scrapbook from Snapfish during its birthday celebration. I got it 50% off which is amazing since my books are over 100 pages. Instead of paying over $200, I paid a little over $100 for it. :)  I was just looking over some of the pages that are finished and cannot believe how fast time flies. Look at W here!!!! So tiny...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Skinny Jeans!!

Last weekend, my best friend and I went shopping.... something I NEVER do anymore. We stopped in Forever 21 where I wanted to look for fashion scarves. I never really have purchased clothes from there, but that day I found some cute stuff for SUPER cheap. I have been on a very strict budget because I really, really, really want to pay off my school loans, but I decided to treat myself to some new things since I had such a rough week the week before. I bought a cute yellow cardigan, 2 cute sweaters, a beaded bracelet, earrings, and skinny jeans! I seriously spent no more than $50. How awesome is that!? The next day I wore the jeans for the first time and they are soooooo comfy. My days are spent crawling with Weston on the floor or crawling/running after kids taking their picture so comfy pants are a must. Every pair of jeans that I own have holes in the knees. So it was definitely time to buy some new ones. :) Guess how much these Skinny Ankle Jeans cost??? $10.50!!!! Yep. So last night, I ordered 2 more pairs! I'm happy. :)

New Gift Cards!

I have been working like a busy bee on some new things for my photog biz! Right now I am in the process of making business cards. It is crazy that I never really needed them to get my business going. Facebook was my #1 way of getting clients! 
I am also hoping to make a bigger business card to be printed and put in goodie bags for moms-to-be once they go to their first OB appointment. One of my client's sister works at an OB office and said that she would be happy to add my info to their bags. 
This past weekend I finally made new gift cards! My old ones were OK, but they were just printed on index cards and kind of plain. Here is my new gift card:
Then when I went to order the prints through MPix, I realized I could have a colored back printed for free! So why not showcase the back with my work!? :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bathroom Remodel- Halfway There!

I think we are about halfway finished our bathroom remodel! It has taken us a lot longer than expected because we have to work around Weston and Chad's schedule. Chad is doing the whole project himself so the only time he can work on it are some nights after work and weekends when W is not sleeping. Let me tell you, he has stayed up until early morning some nights just to work on the bathroom! I am so proud of how much he has accomplished and everything so far looks amazing!
Listed below is what Chad has been up to:
- Installed dry wall and spackled the cracks in between
- Installed the cement board on the floor
- Tiled and grouted the floors - LOVE!
- Installed the toilet! YAY! No more going downstairs in the middle of the night. 
- Installed the ceiling light/fan
Here are some pictures that I took tonight:
Looking into the bathroom
We have a toilet!
I am happy we will still be able to see the exposed brick. Chad will make this little cove into shelves and the back of the shelves is where you will see the brick in the back. (The hand towel holder will not be there. I think we are doing all silver hardware.)

And our hallway is a DISASTER! Tools, materials, stuff EVERYWHERE!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Yesterday the Leprechaun stopped by our house and dropped off a little present for Weston!
Yay for bubbles and Elmo pjs!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Junior Bees

This past Monday was Weston's last day at Junior Bees! My little man is a gymnast! ;)
We would begin each class by exploring in the room. Then we would have circle time where we would sing, dance, and stretch. After exploring the room again and working on concepts, we would have bubble time which was Weston's favorite part!  I loved how the teacher spent only a few minutes doing each activity and then moved on to the next. Kiddos this age have about a 30 second attention span!! :)
Then we would head for the big gymnastic room where we would practice more challenges and then play in the foam pit. At the end of every session we would have circle time again where the children played with sticks and sang. Weston LOVED getting stamps on his feet at the end of each class. 
When he began going to gymnastics in January Weston would crawl like a little speed demon to all of the different set ups. His teacher would show him how to do a pencil roll, somersault, and how to hold on to the bars. Chad and I would laugh at night watching Weston pencil roll around the living room floor.  By the end of our first Junior Bees session, Weston is now walking and finally made it in the foam pit by himself (he did not like it before). 

We had lots of fun in Junior Bees! Maybe next winter we will sign up again!?

Thanks Angela for taking these pictures for me!! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Granola Bars

Yesterday Weston and I made homemade Chewy Granola Bars! Weston LOVES cookies and since I think he is one of the pickiest toddlers out there I decided instead of eating 2 mini Oreos after dinner he could eat a chocolate chip granola bar instead. Oats and honey are two healthy ingredients so it  must be a healthier choice!? Click on the link for the recipe: Chewy Granola Bars Recipe
I can tell now that Weston is going to be my little helper in the kitchen. Whenever I make dinner he wants to be right by my side. He watches me stir the noodles or flip the chicken and of course he is yelling HOT the whole time! So I held him most of the time as I made the granola bars. He watched as the Kitchen Aid Mixer mixed all the ingredients. Then we dumped it all in a greased dish and patted the mixture down. Even Weston helped with that! He was all smiles. 
Yum.... he liked the mini chocolate chips!
And then after dinner we enjoyed this yummy treat!