Monday, March 19, 2012

New Gift Cards!

I have been working like a busy bee on some new things for my photog biz! Right now I am in the process of making business cards. It is crazy that I never really needed them to get my business going. Facebook was my #1 way of getting clients! 
I am also hoping to make a bigger business card to be printed and put in goodie bags for moms-to-be once they go to their first OB appointment. One of my client's sister works at an OB office and said that she would be happy to add my info to their bags. 
This past weekend I finally made new gift cards! My old ones were OK, but they were just printed on index cards and kind of plain. Here is my new gift card:
Then when I went to order the prints through MPix, I realized I could have a colored back printed for free! So why not showcase the back with my work!? :)