Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picnic, pool, & potentially crawling!

Today Weston and I met up with my TU gals and their babes for a picnic at the school park. We had a very nice time catching up. It was so great to see their kiddos. Boy have they grown! After the park, we headed to Goodwill to look for some chairs to paint for photo props. I ended up not liking any of their chairs, but did find 4 awesome crochet blankets for only $4 a piece! They are absolutely beautiful and full of color! They will be great for my newborn shoots!! I will have to take a picture of them and post later. By the way I have 4 newborns booked!! 2 boys. 2 girls. :) I bought 4 adorable knitted hats off of Etsy the other night too. I am still on a mission to find some chairs. Maybe tomorrow I will look again?

I also got this CoLoRfUl puzzle alphabet foam mat today! Weston loves it! He looks like he will be crawling in a matter of days!!

After the picnic and shopping, we came home and headed right for the baby pool! So much fun!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Planning to paint...

Only about a month until we can get back into our home!!!

I have been researching colors and think I have decided on colors for the kitchen!! I think we are going to try Benjamin Moore paint this time.They have a really nice historical color selection. In a dream world, we would rip out everything and start new, but there is just no money to do that! So instead we need to work with what we have. Our counter tops are a darker gray (kind of like that smokey ash paint color below). I think we may choose this "wickham gray" paint color for the walls and then go with the other color suggestions and paint the doors "hot apple spice". The doors now are a red so it will not be too much of a pain to paint over it another shade of red. Getting sooooo excited!

And for the breakfast nook (AKA very small walkway into dining room), dining room, and living room I was thinking "pale moon". I was looking through one of their color flow magazines and it looks like this color would flow with the gray and into the blue in our family room (like the blue in the bottom right corner).

All of the curtains on the bottom floor of the house are the same so that should help with the flow.

I could definitely be changing my mind! But for now... I like this. :)