Thursday, June 30, 2011

Picnic, pool, & potentially crawling!

Today Weston and I met up with my TU gals and their babes for a picnic at the school park. We had a very nice time catching up. It was so great to see their kiddos. Boy have they grown! After the park, we headed to Goodwill to look for some chairs to paint for photo props. I ended up not liking any of their chairs, but did find 4 awesome crochet blankets for only $4 a piece! They are absolutely beautiful and full of color! They will be great for my newborn shoots!! I will have to take a picture of them and post later. By the way I have 4 newborns booked!! 2 boys. 2 girls. :) I bought 4 adorable knitted hats off of Etsy the other night too. I am still on a mission to find some chairs. Maybe tomorrow I will look again?

I also got this CoLoRfUl puzzle alphabet foam mat today! Weston loves it! He looks like he will be crawling in a matter of days!!

After the picnic and shopping, we came home and headed right for the baby pool! So much fun!

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