Monday, January 2, 2012

Kitchen Wall Art

This weekend I made this utensil silhouette wall art to go above Weston’s kitchen set! It seriously took less than a half hour. I went through my box of frames and found this frame with 3 matted 4x6’s. I was going to do all single frames, but I am so glad I found this one big frame instead. Then, I went through my fabric pile and found 3 patterns that I thought would look good in the kitchen. After ironing them, I taped them to the mat. I found the utensil silhouette clip art online and printed them out, colored them in with a sharpie, and cut them out. I pasted them to the middle of each mat and bam… done! I LOVE it! I love how colorful it is and it looks just perfect above his little kitchen. 
Next on my crafty to do list…
Wall art for Weston's room! Check out Blissfully Smitten blog to see what I want to do above Weston's crib!!! Saw this on Pinterest and LOVED it!
I filled most of the loops with fun fabric. Now they are ready to be hung above Weston’s crib!


  1. Cute utensil are...hoops are cute too but please make sure they are out of reach!

  2. love the utensils! I thought you used actual utensils...didn't realize it was silhouettes... awesome!

  3. Thanks gals!! The hoops are definitely out of reach! I actually moved them after you said something! Wait until we take those hoops down one day ... I have about 30 holes in the wall!