Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Closet Organizing

This is our only closet on the main floor of our home...
It is a tiny space under our stairs. The space is pretty awkward as well. I am not quite sure how to make it efficient?? I will definitely be taking a closer look at the blog IHeart Organizing. She has some wonderful ideas. Thanks Brittany for recommending this site to me! 
Weston was playing like such a big boy as I tackled the closet. Inside was a ridiculous amount of stuff and half of it we barely even use. I had a box of craft stuff that I moved over to my craft cabinet, cleaning supplies that went to the garage, empty baskets, toys, curtain rods, rugs, and tools that I found other homes for. The trashcan became a home to a few of these things too!  While I was cleaning out I peaked over at Weston and he was busy "chatting" on my phone:
And then a few minutes later I caught him stacking blocks all by himself!! 4 blocks!!!!!!!!!!! :) They fell right after that, but Mama was still ecstatic about that!
I took a look all of the toys lined up in the living room/playroom. Not liking this at all. Maybe the closet will be where I store toys?? I could have a toy box on wheels that could come out each day and then wheel back into the closet at night. Is that silly? I should probably just get used to toys everywhere. I would keep some toys out, just not everything. And then I was thinking about installing a felt board on the inside of the closet!? FUN! FUN!
I feel like I have been "nesting" since December.The house is just so little that I need to have some handy organizational skills. Not sure how we are going to manage having more than one child in this house one day. I am sure we can do it though!


  1. I was going to ask you to let me know what you do with that closet because we have one like it too but I don't need to put any toys in it! :-)