Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bathroom Remodel- Weekend 3

Again, this weekend flew by! Chad was busy working on the bathroom. It may look like we did not accomplish much by looking at the picture below, but we (or he) did!  Now when you walk into the bathroom you can actually see what it is going to look like. The tub is where it is supposed to be. The toilet is placed in the right spot. And the best part is there is SO much natural light shining in through the window!! Before it was blocked by the claw foot tub and no one even knew there was a window. It was a dungeon. Now..... it's bright and cheerful! Well, it still looks like a construction zone, but I can envision the final product! 

Here is what Chad accomplished:
1. Permanently installed the tub (including mortar base)
2. Hooked up tub drain
3. Ripped up floor in the other half of the bathroom
4. Leveled the floor
5. Installed the plumbing for the sink and toilet
6. Installed plywood subfloor

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