Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend finds!

Is it Monday already?! Seriously... the weekends just fly by! 
Friday morning my sister and I dropped off the boys at my mom's house (thanks mom) and headed for the barn sale. The sale had a bunch of refinished furniture, antiques, and household items. I found an adorable antique child's chair (I forgot to take a picture of it). It looks so cute in the living room. Weston loves to climb up on it and sit like a big boy! I also found a vintage camera from the 1950's. I have been wanting to collect vintage cameras and display them on a shelf. So I was super happy to find my first one! I also bought an old small fan as well. 

Later over the weekend I also found TWO more vintage cameras for only $5 each!! My 16x20 print of Chad, Weston, and I came in the mail on Saturday. So I bought a 16x20 canvas and decoupaged the print to it. It looks so good!! 
Decoupaged canvas
My 3 new cameras :)
Yesterday Weston slept in until 11am! Yes... almost lunch time! We actually had to wake him up because he was just sleeping the day away! I think he is going through a growth spurt! It is CRAZY!! I definitely can get lots accomplished in the morning. In the evening we went over Chad's parents house for dinner. Weston played with his little cousin (Chad's cousin's son). They ran all around the farm where they found lots of tractors to ride and chickens to chat with! Weston was so happy to see Yoda the cat. 
Well it is time for me to wake the little stinker. I am headed to a newborn shoot in about an hour!
Enjoy the photo dump:

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