Friday, July 8, 2011

WPC... I am back!!

I did not forget about the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge. I have been trying to keep up with it, but a few weeks just slipped away. The last WPC I had posted was Week 21-Anger. So here are the other photos I completed, but never seemed to have the time or energy to post. There are a few weeks that I missed and I do intend to make them up (someday)!!

Week 24- Shadow (no picture)

I actually had a picture for this one, but deleted it and this is why- I was driving up the driveway coming home from my mom’s house and ALL of the cows were huddled together in this one little bit of shade from the tree’s shadow. I hurried up and parked the car, took Weston out of his car seat, ran into the little house to get my camera, and headed for the cows! In that short of time all of the cows decided to head to another area of the pasture. I was SO upset! It would have been the perfect picture.  

Week 26- Distortion - totally forgot to even look at the challenge word that week. 

Week 22 Brown
Week 23 Open
Week 25- person (my favorite person in the world)

Week 27- nighttime

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