Sunday, July 3, 2011

Prop Addiction

Lately my new addiction is buying and making props for my photography business. I am obsessed!! Goodwill and Yard sales are definitely the places to look for props! Baskets, blankets, chairs... A few days ago I stopped by Goodwill to look for chairs to repaint and ended up finding some amazing handmade blankets for only $4 each. These blankets will be perfect for my newborn and baby shoots! Take a look:

Yesterday on our way to my sister's house for their July 4th Festivities, we stopped by a yard sale on the side of the road. It was almost 4 in the afternoon so I knew I would be able to talk the guy down on prices. There were two perfect size chairs selling for $5 each. I got them both for $5 instead!! Can't wait to paint them vibrant colors. They will be great for newborn, baby, and children pictures!! Hmmm... what color should I paint them?? I was thinking a bright blue for one and a red or pink for the other one. We will see?? Still on a lookout for a few more chairs. Yes, I am addicted to props!!

Oh and one more thing. I bought this wooden barn floor mat online the other night. This was a lot more $ than the other props ($100) but I know it will be worth it!

I also made some adorable baby headbands. Will post them later. I have a photoshoot of a baby girl due in a few weeks. Cannot wait to see them on her! :)

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