Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prop- repainted pink chair & more...

Do you think this is pink enough? Well, I do!!

I also painted the other chair blue.

Yesterday I stopped by one of my favorite stores, Belle Patri, and bought this old stool. Another possible prop? Maybe for a newborn. It will also be useful in Weston's bedroom. His room (in our soon to be home again) has tall closets and I could never reach the top. So this stool will definitely come in handy and will also go with the vintage decor in his room! (While at Belle Patri, my car broke down. Chad and Harrison had to come to the rescue. Weston and I enjoyed a lemon snowball while waiting. Thank goodness the snowball stand was close by!)

My wonderful hubby bought me lens hoods for both of my lenses!! They came in the mail today. Too bad the storm canceled my photoshoot this evening. I wanted to try them out. I did a few with/without the lens hood and boy you can tell the difference! Although some photos I intentionally want to have the sun flare on the pic. He sent me this picture while I was at my mom's house... I was so happy. :)

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