Sunday, July 10, 2011

super cheap & easy leg warmers

I love leg warmers on babies!! Weston's knees are always so red now that he is crawling ALL OVER THE PLACE! So I thought it was time to try out leg warmers. Check out the website My Little Legs. They have some pretty cute leg warmers and some of them are on sale for $5 which I do not think is that bad at all (especially with free shipping). In the meantime, I decided to take the super cheap way and make my own. I found really long socks on clearance at Target for $1.75 a pair. Then, I cut them the length that I wanted for W's legs and.... easy peasy! I tried to hem them and it was just not working. After one wash/dry it will curl up on the ends and you will  not even need to hem them!!! So much easier! 
Guess I will be stopping back at Target to pick up the other socks that would look cute as leg warmers!

This weekend, Chad's cousin got married. She had her reception at his/their grandparents farm. It was beautiful. Will post some pics soon. Her husband danced with his mom to Taylor Swift "Never Grow Up". Wow. I cried my eyes out! Now that I have Weston... life has changed so much. Listen to this song if you get a chance. Absolutely beautiful. Tearjerker! 

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