Saturday, July 2, 2011


The farm is full of pups!! BIG pups and little pups.
This is Sam (the big brown dog) and Barley (the Jack Russel puppy).
Sam is one of the best dogs. He may look scary to others, but he is the gentlest and most nicest dog ever! Love him.

Yesterday Norma was so happy because two girls decided to take a swim in the pond. She had so much fun swimming with them. Thank goodness someone played with her. She wants attention so badly. Now Pepper, that's a different story. While Norma was swimming and running around the pond with the girls, Pepper was watching from afar under the bush. She likes to keep to herself.

I took this video this morning of Weston and Barley playing with a Blueberry container. They kept each other company. So cute!

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