Saturday, July 23, 2011

keeping up...

This week has been crazy!! I had 4 scheduled photo sessions, but unfortunately because of the heat two of them were canceled. On Tuesday morning, I had my first shoot of the week and the pictures turned out fabulous!! I was really happy with them and loved the location!! I think it is my new favorite spot! Wednesday afternoon I had a 3 month photoshoot with one absolutely adorable little boy! 3 months is one of the hardest ages for me to photograph. They are not at the age where you can pose them while they sleep like itty bitty newborns and they can't sit up just yet or hold up their heads for a long period of time. I ended up taking my new wooden floor mat and white basket. I took some pictures of him in there and they turned out great!!

On Tuesday, I began the "Summer Smiles" contest on my Facebook page. I started with 217 LIKES on my page and now am up to 850 fans!! Wow! Then came the emails!! A lot of people are interested in booking sessions. So I spent this week trying to catch up on all the emails! I am so happy that I decided to go through with this whole photography business. It is a little overwhelming trying to take care of Weston, keep up with house (which will be a lot harder once we move), editing photos, and finding babysitters to watch him while I have my shoots. My mom gave me some good advice... set aside specific times to do photography stuff (editing, replying back to emails, etc.). The best time for me is probably once Weston goes to sleep at night. So from 8-11pm is work time!! That way when he naps during the day I can get housework accomplished. I am still trying to figure out how many shoots I should plan in a week. 3 or 4?? If I do three, I will definitely be busy... but boy we could use the money! So I think I may alternate weeks. 3 shoots one week and then the next 4. I doubt I will be that busy, but come Fall everyone wants those Christmas pics! Winter will be my slow time so that is when I will get lots done around the house and maybe try to host mini sessions or more contests?? One more thing about photog... last night I bought a backdrop stand!! Thank goodness! I looked a little questionable going into my 3 month shoot with an Elmer's project board! Good thing the mom knew me and could care less! Thanks Diane for understanding!! :)   Now I will look more like a professional with my stand! It should be coming in 2 days! Just in time for my newborn shoot on Wednesday morning!

Weston has been crawling ALL over the place!! I am counting down the days until we can move back into our home!!! This little house that we are staying in now is not baby proofed at all! It is kind of hard to baby proof with boxes and junk ALL over the place! Now that Weston is pulling himself up makes it even worse. He is falling and bonking his head non-stop too! We needed to just get out and go somewhere with space so we headed for Aunt Missy's on Thursday and Friday. 8 more days to get in and paint and 2 more weeks until move in day! Wahoooo!

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