Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shower tiles & Hallway paint :)

The bathroom is getting there. We have a few more weeks to go! The shower tiles are now finished! Every time Weston walks into the bathroom he yells "wow"! Wow is right, buddy. Daddy has been working his tush off these past couple months. 
Next on our bathroom remodel to do list:
1. Sand and paint the walls
2. Install shelves by chimney
3. Buy a vanity (we are having a hard time finding one we like)
4. Install wall lights
5. Find a nice mirror
6. Paint doors, window trim, and floor trim
7. I am sure there are many tasks that I am forgetting!

Today, Chad's grandmother came over to play with Weston while I painted the upstairs hallway. I am the messiest painter. Of course I wore my favorite LLBean slippers and stepped in a puddle of paint that I spilled when filling my paint pan. Oops. 

1 comment:

  1. Looks great. Sounds like me with the paint, I always think I won't get anything on me, but I always do! At least we aren't as bad as your Grandfather D, ask your Mom about our experiences with him!