Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SO Sore!

I am laying in bed feeling SOOOOOO sore!! Sunday night Chad and I went to our house and walked through it with our renters. OMG... we have A LOT of work to do. I mean A LOT!! Everywhere we look, there is something to be fixed, cleaned, or painted. After swimming classes on Monday morning, I headed straight for the house. Kristin was so nice and decided to come and help (what a lifesaver)! We washed down the walls and started painting. 
Monday's Accomplishments:
- painted kitchen walls (first coat)
- finished painting breakfast nook
- finished painting dining room
- finished painting master bedroom walls
I picked up Weston from my grandmother's house around 4pm. At 8pm I headed back to paint again! 
After swimming lessons yesterday, I dropped off Weston at my mom's house and then started another day of PAINTING! Ugh... I am so tired! 
Tuesday's Accomplishments:
-finished painting master bedroom floors
-finished painting family room
-finished painting living room (AKA Weston't play room)
- finished painting kitchen (except for the high part.... I need to take a ladder next time)
Again I was there until almost 10pm last night!

The house is filthy. Dog hair and gross grime everywhere! My goal for today is to completely finish painting the kitchen (high walls), paint Weston's room, and paint upstairs hallway. After lessons, I need to head to the paint store to get a few more things mixed.Then hopefully Friday I can spend the day scrubbing and cleaning every inch of that house before we move in Saturday!

Well, I need to get out of bed. In an hour and a half I need to head to the Athletic Club for swimming lessons with Weston. The question is... Can I get out of bed?!?!?!?!

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