Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weston's Winter ONEderland

Weston’s 1st Birthday party was a hit! I woke up at the crack of dawn and began loading the car with all of the decorations and food. Then, we headed straight to the hall to set up all of the tables and chairs. Julia was a huge help with decorating and blowing up all of the balloons! That sure was a task. We got to the hall around 8am and it took all the way until the beginning of the party (1pm) to get everything ready.

All ready to celebrate!
I am so happy that I had a craft area for all of the kiddos. They colored penguin ornaments and made wintery frames with foam stickers. Santa came to Weston’s party too! Some of the kids were so excited to sit on his lap, but not Weston! He was not too happy about it at all! After Santa, we sang “Happy Birthday” and then Weston got to eat his cupcake! He loved the icing! Just like mommy.  ;)

Kid craft area
Treat bags
Mommy, Daddy, Santa, and the birthday boy.
Weston's cupcake
We had so much fun celebrating Weston’s birthday with all of our family and friends!
When we went home Weston opened all of his gifts. Oh. My. Goodness! LOTS of gifts! Weston is having a ball playing with all of his new toys. Our tiny house now looks like a childcare center.
Soooo many coffee filter snowflakes!

 What a FUN day!

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